Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[Rant] Not impressed about the Ear pods

Remember I told you that I broke my Zagg Smart Buds few months ago. I decided to wait and see how the Ear Pods that come with the iPhone 5S would perform. Now that I have had the phone with me for about a week, I have come to a conclusion that they are even worse that the old Ear Buds.

Well, they are sort of more confortable in the ear that the previous design. But they fall off much easily. Maybe it is because I had gotten used to the old design after using it for couple of months. I could even run wearing them. Of course neither design is well thought after like the Zagg Smart Buds. But I thought they would at least stick in the ear better than the old design.


Now I am wondering if I should buy a new pair of earphones. I am still leaning towards the Smart Buds. Zagg has better quality ear buds called ZR-6, but they don’t carry the around the neck design. Nonsense!!!

Should I give the Ear Pods more time?

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