Monday, October 28, 2013

[Rant] Found a nice free app that can monitor the data usage on the iPhone: My Data Mgr

If you read this post, you would know that SoftBank capped my LTE speeds because I downloaded more than 1GB data on the LTE network. Even though I knew about the monthly limit of 7.5GB, I didn’t know about this until it actually happened.
I checked if the speeds had restored back to normal by yesterday, but no, I had to wait till today. That drove me insane because I had to go shopping with my wife all evening. When SoftBank capped the speeds, it became virtual unusable. So, beware guys. Basically, I want to spread out the daily usage evenly, or otherwise you will be suffocated in the next day or the day after. On Fridays, if there is not special plans to go out for a long while, I can use up the remaining data because the phone would be connected to Wi-Fi when I am at home.
However, just to be safe, I disabled automatic app updates when I'm on LTE. I can wait till I got home and connected to Wi-Fi. It's unfortunately that this had to be done though.
I ended that earlier post saying that I had to find a free app that could monitor the data usage and warn me before hand if I was getting seriously close to my limits. You can only check the total usage if I used built in monitoring in iOS. There weren’t many free apps available, and after trying out all of them, I finally came across something that worked really well. In fact, it was miles ahead of the competition. It’s called My Data Mgr. It shows daily data usage, let’s you set alarms, forecasts the monthly usage, keeps history, set custom timers as well as let’s you monitor where on the map you used your data. And it’s FREE!!! That’s a lot of features for a free app. I looks decent too. I need to rate it.
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