Sunday, October 6, 2013

[Rant] Got a cheap Lightning cable for the iPhone 5S and it is working!!

Few days ago I was in the dilemma whether to buy a Lightning cable or a mobile portable charger in case I run out of battery on my iPhone 5S. Initially I was in the opinion that a cheap third party cable wouldn’t work at all. But on Amazon I found few cables and when I read the reviews on them, I found out that some cables seemed to work better than others. However, even the ones that worked for some people, didn’t work for others.

But they were so cheap compared to an official one from the Apple store. Basically, they were about 10 times cheaper. Some even 20 times cheaper. The official cable is about JPY2,000 while the ones available on Amazon were about JPY100 ~ 200. Cheap, right? So I wanted to try one out. Worse case would be getting a dud cable. I hope it won’t kill the phone though.

So I ordered this one and it arrived today. It didn’t qualify for Amazon Prime, but I didn’t have to pay for shipping. It just took a bit longer than next day delivery.


It has a weird marking on the USB jack. Who cares, right? I am going to use this on the office PC.

But it works! That’s all I care about. I could sync the phone to iTunes and the battery also got charged, The only worry is whether it can harm the phone in any way.

Now I am wondering if I really want a mobile charger. Sure, the office is not the only place the battery can die. What if I go on a trip? Hmm…. decision!

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