Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[Rant] Forgot that I had to change the Credit Card used for Domain Registration!!!

If you haven't noticed, I am using Blogger for my blog, but I am using a custom domain called I have bought it through Google Apps and the domain provider is GoDaddy. It only costs JPY1,000 per year. I have not had any issues after setting up the domain, even though the setting up part was rather tedius.

Today, however, I got an email from Google saying that the payment for Domain was declined by the credit card company. I had set it up so that it automatically charges the Domain Registration fee annually. Only then I remembered that I had to renew my Credit Card and that I forgot to update it there. I went to update it but I could not get into the admin console. I couldn't even remember which account I used for it.

Once I found the link, which is, I tried both my accounts but none of them could get me in. But after I signed out of Google, I could log in with the credentials. Phew!

After that, I went into Billing and chose Domain Registration and clicked on Billing Settings. From there I added not just one payment method, by two, in case one of them fails. 

Then I had to make the payment manually, which they say would be reflected in a few days *hopefully*.

Phew! My domain is still working fine. :)

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