Saturday, February 8, 2014

[Rant] New firmware and eMMC performance update for Asus T100 tablet

This is not a new update, but I only found out about it recently.

A new BIOS update called 223 and something else. It seems that the “something else” part seems to improve the eMMC storage performance, but it needs BIOS 223 to work.

This is what I saw on the Asus Live Update application.


I wanted to see if it really improved the eMMC storage performance. So I ran Crystal Disk Mark before installing the updates. These are the scores that I got.


I updated the BIOS first. That’s the first update in that Live Update screenshot.


After that I updated the driver, or that firmware thingy. That’s the second one. It didn’t require rebooting.

Then I ran Crystal Disk Mark again to see what has improved. I was quite skeptical at first. I didn’t expect to see any increase in scores.


It is not a complete dud, to be honest. It seems the write performance has improved drastically in some rests. But except for the sequential read, the read performance has gone down slightly. I hate when that happens. Why do they have to compromise it like that?


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