Saturday, February 8, 2014

[Rant] Got my new internet connection

Yesterday in the evening, I got the router from NTT. There was the actual router, an instruction leaflet, a LAN cable, the power brick for the router and the optical fibre cable inside the package.

Until I received the package, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to plug the optical cable to the router. But when I examined the new router, I figured out – without reading the leaflet – how to install the optical fibre cable. It was just like plugging in the LAN cable – it just had a different socket and a jack.


I had routed the old optical fibre cable along walls and it took me quite a bit of time when I did that the last time. So I figured, it would be great if I could just reuse the same fibre optic cable instead of the new one, such that it would cut down the installation time substantially. Plus, the power cable to the router was also laid along the walls similarly. So I wanted to see if the new router would work with the same power brick and fibre optic cable.

There was one issue though. I didn’t know how to remove the existing one from the old router. The new router is a bit different to the old one. There weren’t any screws on it. It seemed that there was a sliding door like thing, but it would not come off at first. But after trying several orientations of sliding, a door came off revealing the actual port. After that, it was a simple pull of the jack to disconnect the cable.

Then I plugged the old fibre optic cable and the power plug to the new router and it worked! My internet worked. (Since I received my username/password from OCN several days before, I had already setup the connection inside my Wi-Fi router.) Now that everything was working fine, I decided to reuse the old stuff with the new router.


But there was one issue. I was supposed to send the old router back to NTT. I should have done that a while back, but I kept delaying till I got the new connection as it would make installation easier if I had something to refer to. They actually wanted me to send back the accessories as well. So I decided to bundle the accessories I got with the new router – basically the fibre optic cable and the power brick of the router – with the old one and send back to NTT.

Today I sent it back to them. I already had the envelop that I got from them. All I had to do was to put the router and stuff in the envelop, paste the sticker which had the sender/recipient details and ask the courier – in this case Japan Post – to come and pick it up.

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