Monday, February 17, 2014

[Rant] Finally got Titanfall Beta to show up in Origin

If you don’t know what Titanfall is, you should watch the following YouTube channel.


Titanfall is the hottest up coming game, which is on track for March 2014 release. The developer, Respawn Entertainment has just released the beta version to a closed set of people. Well, that’s what the original plan was. But now the news is that they are actually releasing it to the general public after all. (You should see it show up in your Origin games list in the next day or two.)

But I was in a hurry and wanted to check it ASAP.

I found out – through a friend – that we could contact Origin customer support and ask them to add it to our games list. It seemed like a sure thing as well.

This is the link you need to use.

Then click PC, and select “Redeem Your Serial Code in Origin” and hit next. In the next screen, choose Demo/Betas for “Select a topic” and simply tell them that you are waiting for Titanfall Beta to show up in my games, in the next text box. Press next, and you will be taken to a page where you can chat with a support personnel. It will take some time though. I had to wait for an hour. Everyone must be looking to play Titanfall.

After an hour’s wait, the chat session started. This is how it went on.


(click the above image for a high quality image)

Just like he said, I restarted Origin and saw that Titanfall was added to my games list. Yippie!


Then it was time to install the game.


It took about 15 minutes I guess. I didn’t really measure the time because I had other things to attend during that time.


Now it is time to play Titanfall. But sadly, not tonight. My wife’s acting grumpy! Sad smile

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