Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[Rant] Applied for a new internet connection


Finally it was time for me to renew my internet connection. I disconnected my old connection on 31st of January. The internet connection that I had been using had a contract period of 2 years. The contract would automatically renew unless you disconnect it in the month after the two year period.

So why would you want to disconnect the internet connection?

Simple answer is "discounts".

When you buy a new connection, you get various discounts. When you buy it from different places, you get different discounts. Some give you money back discounts. Some discounts your monthly bill. Some let you buy an electronic article and they would deduct a substantial amount of money from the price of it. The amount of discount is also different from place to place.

I bought the MacBook Air with the discount I got when I bought my first internet connection. That was from Yodobashi. The size of discount amounted to ¥35,000 back then. But this time I decided that I needed more than ¥35,000.

When you get the internet connection through, you get a larger discount. The discount comes as two portions. One portion is an actual discount from the total bill for the period of two years. The other one is a money back discount which I should receive after using the connection for 11 months. Plus, you don't have to get the other value added services such as telephone, IPTV etc. when you get it through When you get it from Yodobashi, you have to sign up for those services as well but you can cancel them before a defined period. Those services will be free during that period. It is like the trial period. If you like them, you can keep them and keep paying. But it is a hassle.

There is more. A large portion of these discounts come from the circuit provider and the ISP. Since I would be using NTT as the circuit provider once again, there is a catch. I won't be getting the discount from them if it will be registered under my name again because I would be the same person and technically it is not a new connection. So I had to get it under my wife's name. No big deal.

Then it was time for me to choose the ISP. When I looked at the pricing charts, it seemed OCN was the cheapest and that's what I had been using up until now. I didn't have any issues with them. And they didn't require you to change the owner name as with NTT, but I decided to use my wife's name there as well as it would be easier if both were registered under the same name.

I used my telephone number as the contact number because my wife would have no clue as to what to do on her own when she receives a phone call. For one, she wouldn't understand the technicalities. Even worse, she won't understand what the person on the other side would be telling her - in Japanese.

So I filled the online application form and submitted it. I also told them that I would set it up on my own. I hope it will go through just fine.

One more thing. When I called NTT to disconnect the line, they told me to send me back their router. They said that they would send me a bag which can be used to pack it and ship without incurring any costs on my behalf. I received the bag, but I haven’t sent it yet. I would be sending it in the next weekend.

I was supposed to get a response from NTT after a few days regarding the connection. Until then it was time to sit back and connect to a friend’s Wi-Fi connection. Hopefully, I will get the full discount.

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