Thursday, February 27, 2014

[Rant] Had to buy a USB 3.0 cable that plugs to the motherboard header

USB Cable

(Click on the image to go view the item on eBay)

My Silverstone Raven RV-03 case has two front USB3.0 ports. But there is a catch. Instead of having connectors that would plug into one of the motherboard headers, it has the regular USB male jack. So for you to get them to work, you have to plug them to USB ports on the back of the motherboard. What actually happens is you simply move two ports from the back of the motherboard to the front I/O. Usually they would plug to a motherboard header without wasting your back panel USB ports.

Will all the stuff connected to the back I/O ports, I have run out of empty ports. Recently I plugged in my headset charger and my wife's iPhone charging cable. Since I have the iPhone 5S and she has the iPhone 4S, we have to have two cables plugged in. Sucks but I cannot help it.

So what I did was I logged into eBay and ordered a USB cable that would plug into a USB port header on the motherboard. The other end is the regular USB female ports, to which I can plug in those cables running from the front USB ports. Win!

The orders was placed day before yesterday and I got the message saying that the item was shipped. I don't know how long it will take to reach me but I hope it won't take too long.

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