Thursday, February 6, 2014

[Rant] Sent my first ever fax message!

In the previous post I mentioned that I applied for a new internet connection through I was supposed to get a phone call from NTT confirming the connection. I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing as I gave them my phone number but applied for the internet connection under my wife’s name.

On the last Sunday afternoon, my phone rang and I answered. It was a girl from NTT. She wanted me to confirm the details of my wife as I applied under her name. She wanted me to fax them a copy of her ID, together with her name, contact number and a reference number which was provided by the girl on the other side. She said, once they confirm the details, I will get another call from NTT discussing the date of set up.

I had not sent a fax in my life before. But luckily, these convenience stores such as Family Mart and Seven Eleven provide - self service - this service. And, there is a Seven Eleven right in front of my apartment. 


So I went there, with my wife's ID, a pen and the piece of paper on which I wrote down the fax number and the reference number. I checked the menu of the multi-purpose printer. Sure enough, there was a menu item called Fax. Since I had to write down stuff on the fax itself, I first had to take a photocopy of my wife's ID. The price per photocopy is JPY10. Then I wrote the necessary information on it. Then I went into the Fax menu, and faxed it. 

It wasn’t that hard to figure out. I first had to enter the fax number of the recipient. Then I had to choose the quality and paper size. Then I had to place the sheet on the scanner. Then I had to put JPY50. Finally it was time to send. It would also give me a receipt showing me the way the message would be seen by the recipient.

Now it was time for me to wait to hear from NTT again, about a date toe setup the equipment.

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