Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Gameplay] Titanfall Beta gameplay videos

With the chores related to the baby, I didn’t have much opportunity to play Titanfall beta but I managed to record 3 gameplay videos. And even then, I could only check out Attrition game mode. Check them out and subscribe to my channel while you are at it.

The beta was live only for a few days. It only became open beta on 17th. By the time I write this post, it is already expired. So I will have to buy the game to on 11th of March when it comes out, to check out the game in full glory.


I’m not sure if I would buy it at launch though, because I have a lot of games in Steam and Origin libraries that I haven’t played and they require less of a GPU to play with all the eye-candy turned on. So I won’t miss not having a powerful GPU. Will see how it goes.

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