Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[Rant] I wish Logitech would make their mice more durable

I have been using Logitech products for a long time. When I came to Japan, I had a G5 mouse which I broke after a while. I bought a G500 to replace it and it also broke. The middle mouse button stopped working – stopped clicking. This is exactly what happened with the G5 as well. Logicool, which Logitech calls themselves in Japan, replaced it, no questions asked. Then after a while it broke again. This time it was the left mouse button. Everything else worked perfectly. They replaced it again. This time they didn't even ask me to send them back the broken mouse. In the previous occasion they asked me to return the defective mouse. They, of course, sent the new mouse in advance. Funny thing was, the mouse they sent me had a defect as well. The tilt action of the scroll wheel didn’t work properly. I had to ask them to send me back another mouse. Man, this G500 mouse that I'm using is pretty expensive.

Anyways, I've now been using this mouse in the last few months without any hardware issues. But there is one issue. The issue is that the coasting of paint on the mouse where I rest the thumb fades away. Look at the pic below. (Ignore the dust though) This is not something that just happened with this mouse. The previous G500 mice that broke also had this issue.


Is this same with other mice as well? This makes the resale value of the G500 go down the toilet. I mean, the mouse may perform perfectly well but the looks are important. If people see that the mouse is worn out, they will ask to drop the price down. That sucks.

I've been considering upgrading the mouse to a G602 wireless mouse, but I'm not sure if that would develop the same issue. The mouse is new so I don't think anyone would know quite yet.

Now, I'm waiting patiently until this mouse starts to develop a bigger issue than the colors fading off. If I'm lucky and something happens within the period of warranty (they offer 3 years warty for this mouse! CRAZY!!!), they might be kind enough to send me a G500S - the successor to the G500. I'm sure the new model is better than the old one. It seems to carry more buttons as well, although I haven't taken a closer look at it. Unfortunately it is still a wired one. They definitely won't send me a G602 as a replacement. I hope they give me the option.

I digress. Hey, nothing's still happened to this mouse and I'm afraid that I'm not that lucky. Some people are, though. I've heard of people getting GTX580's when their GTX295's were sent for RMA. How amazing is that???

Wait. I wonder if the warranty is over. It could be though. I've had this mouse for quite a long time. Sucks if that is the case. But on the other hand, if this mouse breaks now (assuming that the warranty period had expired), I can buy something that I desire. G602 perhaps? Something else perhaps? Something like the Cyborg RAT9? Who knows. I guess I shouldn't worry about these things. Time will solve these questions. I have much more pressing matters at hand to deal with.


Just checked the date of purchase of the G500. It’s 2011-09-10. I have 9 months to go. Feels good. XD

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