Friday, January 31, 2014

[Rant] Bought the Code Masters Humble Bundle

Today (31st of January) is my birthday. Usually I would buy a gadget of some sort as a self-gifted birthday present. But this time, I bought it early. That's the Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 wireless headset for the iPhone because the Apple Ear Pods suck!

What I really want is a new graphics card but there are two issues with it. A new graphics card is outrageously expensive for what they deliver. And the resale value of my current graphics card has dropped considerably in the last few months. (It’s around $160 now! It’s not funny!!!) I can still get an AMD R9 290 graphics card for just ¥40,000 - which is not a bad deal at all - but that is just the reference model, which I don't want. The same graphics card with a non-reference  cooler costs about ¥10,000 more (the Gigabyte one with Windforce 3 cooler). I checked the price of a GTX 780 as well but the prices haven't moved - not even a bit. Heck, I'll wait for the Maxwell powered cards later this year. It's not as if I can play a lot of games anyways with the baby.

But I couldn't just not buy anything. When I woke up in the morning, there was a new Humble Bundle Weekly Sale available. 8 games from Code Masters. Two were pretty big hits. DiRT3 and DiRT Showdown. Other games didn't really concern me much but hey, they are there. All this if you spend $6 or more. Of course I wouldn't spend more than the minimum $6. Without thinking twice, I bought the bundle.

Humble Weekly Bundle

When I bought my first Humble Bundle, I got keys for games where I had to redeem individually. But people were exploiting it - they would buy the game cheaply and try to sell it at a higher price later on. Now you cannot do it. They would do the redeem part themselves. They only let is choose a Steam account. We can tell them to gift the Humble Bundle - but not individual games. It might be a let down for some people but I don't really care. I only wanted to report what I noticed.

Anyways, here is how my Steam games collection look like now. I have about the same number of games on Origin as well.


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