Sunday, January 19, 2014

[Life Event] Finally I'm a dad!


My wife had been pregnant since last April. We didn't tell many people about it, so for most people it should come as a surprise. We tried to live as normal as we could, even though it wasn't easy for my wife in the first and the third trimesters. The second trimester was easier. We tried to enjoy this period as much as we could. We went on trips whenever possible. I bought gadgets as money was no problem. I followed some online courses via Coursera. I even started doing a podcast with Kalinga. I updated the blog quite frequently and played a lot of games as well. Basically, I didn't let anyone know that there were a lot of stuff happening underneath.

You see, this is also why I bought my new DSLR. We wanted to take a lot of photos of the baby and I needed a faster camera than the Canon PowerShot S95 point and shoot camera that I already owned. Without going for another point and shoot, I went all out and bought the Canon EOS 70D DSLR. I didn't really want to play with multiple lenses so I went with the 18-135mm kit lens. I felt I almost gave away that something big was going to happen soon.

Anyways, making January even more awesome than it already was (at least for me), our baby arrived in January. My birthday also falls in January and so does my wedding anniversary.

We admitted to the hospital on the 15th morning but the baby didn't arrive until 16th evening. After that my wife had to spend another 4 nights before she could come home. I don't know about other hospitals but that was how Suzuki Clinic operated. They would take care of the baby the entire time. The only thing the mothers had to do was to go and feed the baby during the predefined periods. You can either feed at your own room or at the common feeding room. The advantage of feeding at the feeding room is that there are supportive staff personnel.

Basically, the staff takes care of most of the work during the time at the hospital and that allows the moms to recover from the delivery. They also give a nice meal as well. But the heaviest meal is the dinner because the dinner is served at 5pm. Of course you can eat till 7pm or so.

I visited the hospital everyday and I stayed with my wife from 9am to 7:30pm. Those are the visitor hours. Also my wife's mother is also with us now - she arrived a month ago - and things are easier. Hey, at least I don't have to cook anymore. Sadly, that luxury will only last another couple of months.

On Monday the 20th, we brought the baby home. On the previous night I had to decorate the entire apartment with wall stickers to make it look like a nursery. It was hard work. I ordered the wall stickers from eBay. I sometimes think I overdid it. We shall see. The baby looks at them maybe only because they look contrasty on the white wall. I'm sure he cannot see them cleanly yet. He also looks at the TV that is mounted on the wall because it pops out clearly from the white background.

I'm sure there will be a lot to talk about the baby in the coming days. But for now I have to go and caress the baby.  

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