Thursday, January 2, 2014

[Rant] Ordered the Canon 70D DSLR

70D_18-135Today in the afternoon, I bought the Canon 70D DSLR with 18-135mm STM kit lens. It took a lot of consideration. A lot of hesitation.

First I was thinking of getting the camera using the discounts when renewing the internet connection. But I figured that getting the cash-back instead would yield a bigger profit. Hence I decided to buy the camera with full forefront payment and get the cash-back from the internet connection separately. This way, it would total to about ¥57,000 in return if I get the full amount. If I bought the camera with the discount, I would only get ¥40,000 worth discount. It would take a bit longer so I decided to get the camera ASAP.

The camera cost me ¥127,000. This is the most amount of money that I have spent at once – ever!

I bought it from EC-Current. I had not bought anything from them before but buying stuff in Japan is pretty safe, especially if the shop is listed on Kakaku. There was a couple of cheaper options, but I couldn’t use the credit card with those shops. It doesn’t really matter because when I use the credit card, I get 1% point from Rakuten, which would amount to ¥1,270 for this particular purchase. It brought own the effective price to ¥125,730 which was only slightly more expensive than the cheapest option. But it didn’t stop there. There was an offer from Rakuten credit card service where if I split the amount into two and paid it over two months (with no interest), they would give me ¥1,000 worth of points. I guess they do this so that you get the taste of splitting the amount into multiple turns. They start charging interest when you split it into 3 or more turns. Anyways, this meant that the whole points scene made it the cheapest option.

SanDiskThe camera alone is not useful. I also bought a new SD card as well. The SanDisk Extreme 16GB 45MB/s model. It cost me ¥2,280 from Amazon. I could have bought it for about $2 cheaper from eBay, but there was a deal with the Rakuten card once again, which made the effective price pretty much the same, with  According to the reviews, going with the SanDisk Extreme Pro wouldn’t make capturing (burst shots) any faster with the 70D. I could have used the SD card in the S95, which also is a SanDisk Extreme but with 30MB/s speed, but we are not selling that camera. We are keeping it as well. So it needs its own SD card. Otherwise it would be a hassle to switch between the cameras. Besides, it’s only a 8GB card. I figured 16GB is enough for the 70D. Even if I shoot only RAW, which would mean the file size per image is 24MB, I can capture over 650 shots in one go. I would probably shoot in JPEG mode most of the times. I'm not so crazy about post image editing. Although, I had been shooting in RAW in the last few days with my Canon S95 point and shoot.

Then I had to order a compact carry bag. At first, I wanted to get the most compact one as possible because I didn’t think I would get a second lens for a long time. Thus I looked at the LOWEPRO Zoom Bag 50 AW. But after thinking a bit, if I ever buy another lens, this bag would render useless (if I want to carry both bags, that is), so I went with the slightly bigger model. The 55 AW. I can put a second lens right at the bottom with it. It was only ¥400 more expensive than the 50 AW, so no big deal. It cost me ¥3,136 from Amazon.

Lowepro 55 AW (2)Lowepro 55 AW (1)

I should get all of them today. Happiness! Happy new year to me.

Next thing on the list. A tripod!

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