Sunday, January 19, 2014

[Rant] Maxwell to be introduced as GTX750 Ti

Sad news for all the enthusiasts who wanted to see a GTX 880 soon. Well, this isn't completely news because in a previous post I mentioned that the first GPU core they are coming out with, is the GM117. It's not GM100 or GM110 which would normally be the top of the line GPU core. So it should be low end, but how low end is it?

It seems the grpahics card model that houses this chip would be called the GTX 750 Ti. Now we can assume the performance numbers and pricing. It is definitely slower than GTX 760, which sells for $249. It would probably be as fast as a GTX 660 Ti. Or it can probably only be as fast as a GTX 660. Who knows? We don't have any GeForce 700 cards below the GTX 760 to get an idea about the floor of the performance. But it would hopefully be faster than a GTX650 Ti Boost. That would be good enough for gaming at 1080p using high medium to high settings. Probably not ultra settings. Still, you can tweak the setting to strike a balance between quality and performance.

The let down for the people would want to buy this graphics card would be the fact that it carries the same GeForce 700 series moniker. You won't feel that it is a new GPU architecture, right? But I'm sure NVidia has their own reasons for placing it in the existing series.

The big question is, when will we see the big brothers? And for me personally, how long will it take for them to show up in the Japanese market? I doubt we will see them within the next 6 months though. Nvidia doesn't need to release a new family of graphics cards anytime soon. Their current generation graphics card are competitive with AMD's recently released R series graphics cards. They'll probably try to milk more money out of the current gen graphics cards while they can. We all know that the development is going to eventually slow down when we hit the physical barriers of the process technology. 

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