Thursday, July 25, 2013

[Article] What happened to the original Dell recovery image in my Latitude 10 Essentials?

I still haven’t resolved the issues with my Dell Latitude 10 Essentials tablet. It’s taking too long.

Today I got another email from Dell Support (Japan). This time as a last resort, they were asking me to see if using Windows 8’s recovery environment would fix the recovery issue. Maybe they are thinking that the issue is with their Backup and Recovery software, and I know it isn’t because Windows’ 8’s refresh functionality doesn’t work either.

This is driving me insane. They take a whole day to respond to emails. Their chat support goes off when I come home. What good is having a chat support if people cannot chat when they are at work? They should provide chat support after work hours, right?

Anyways, since they asked, I checked out what they asked me to do. Obviously, it didn’t work. But I needed to show them something. I got the following error by the way. (I wonder if they can read it because English is Greek to these Japanese people.)

Re-image your computer

They say they cannot fix the recovery thing at their factory either. I don’t understand why that is because it seems like a simple drive cloning. They say that all they can do is to reinstall Windows. And what happens if that goes Kaput? For all I know, it could be their own Recovery functionality that broke the Recovery functionality. But it doesn’t matter, because if the tablet would accept any Windows 8 32bit install media without needing a new serial number (because it should be attached to the BIOS), I can make my own restore partition using this method. I in fact could do it already, but that would completely ruin the chances of fixing the recovery functionality that’s built into the tablet.

I wonder if I can do something about it. Maybe the folks at eightforums can help me out. I’ve already posted it there.

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