Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[GAMING] Did you think that I have stopped playing Crysis 3? No way!

Crysis 3 is still the only game I play these days. I've almost settled down on two series of games: Battlefield and Crysis. After Call of Duty 4, which I played a lot, I haven't had much Call of Duty exposure. I didn't even finish the Black Ops II campaign. Why I don't play Call of Duty anymore is because the game is too expensive. There are workarounds to get games on Origin cheaply, even at launch.
Anyways, I've finally managed to reach the top character rank in Crysis 3. (Not in the player rankings of course). I'm not doing as well as I did back in Crysis 2 days because I don't have the low ping advantage anymore, nor a wing-man. (Still don't understand why I cannot find any Japanese servers. Are they only for Japanese version? I hope not!) The K/D has improved a lot but still haven't managed to hit 2:1. I'm getting there slowly.
The next step is to level up all the weapons. In Crysis 2, I only played for K/D ratio. Not for points. So I didn't really care about the weapons. I just used Marshall and ran around like a headless chicken. Now I'm playing for points. I've reached the top level (level 11: 500kills) in many weapons, but there are a few that I haven't killed even a dozen with. Marshall (6000+ kills) and Scar Mod 2 (6000+ kills) have been dominating the battlefield. I have to finish Predator Bow, K-Volt, O.G.R, L-Tag, Grendel, Typhoon and the sidearm. A long way to go I know.
Then there are a couple modules left for leveling up. Detonation Delay and Ordnance Alert. Haven't used them at all. They are still at level 1.I have leveled up all the other modules.
The thing is, I haven't been playing Crysis 3 as much as I did a couple of months back. You eventually lose interest. I've been trying to get my PC stable in the first place and because of that I've lost a lot of gaming sessions no thanks to long stress tests. But I think I've found the stable settings for my PC and I don't intend to do any stress tests here on after. Plus, I've been following two Cousera courses and I had to spend a lot of time doing the assignments. They were very time consuming.
Anyways, this is where I am now at.


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