Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Lifestyle] Ordered a Domino's Pizza via online for the first time

Yesterday when I arrived home after work, I discovered that there was a Domino's Pizza brochure in my mail box. In Japan, you get these brochures and offers almost everyday and I throw them away, most of the times even without reading. But today I read it and there was a discount of \1,000 on select pizzas. I took it home and told my wife, "Let's order a pizza tonight." I had never ordered pizza before. 

The offer was for 6 new pizzas which have a usual price of ¥2,500 for the medium sized one. They have dropped the prices of them to ¥1,500 when used with a correct coupon. The coupons were printed on the brochure. I chose the "Summer Quatro" and decided to give them a call as per the instructions printed on the brochure.

But then I noticed that if I ordered online, there was a 5% discount. It was no brainer which method to choose. I already had made an account with Domino's Japan but I had never used it (Pizzas are expensive!). I logged into their English site but couldn't find any of those 6 new pizzas. Then I went to their Japanese site and there they were. Instead of using the same website with just English translation, they had made a whole new website for English and haven't updated it. Stupid!

Anyways, now that they were listed on the Japanese site, I added the Summer Quatro to the cart and it was time to place the order. I couldn't find the place to put the discount code at first. After few confirmation pages, I found it. I entered the code from the brochure and the ¥1,000 was immediately reflected in the total amount. So far so good. 

There was a place to put the delivery time but when I checked it, the quickest time slot available was 7:45 - 8:00pm. The current time was 6:45pm. On the website it said that they could deliver within 30minutes. What's up with that? So instead of choosing a time slot, I chose "as soon as possible" option, hoping to see it delivered before that time slot.

Then it was time to choose the payment method. At first I was going to choose Cash on Delivery method. But then I saw that if I used my Rakuten credit card, I can use the points I have earned before. That's not a lot of points, but if I can make use of then, why not? I was a bit unsure if this would work because the name I have registered with Domino's and the name I have on my credit card are different. (You can thank long Sri Lankan names for that.)

Nevertheless, I chose the Rakuten credit card and when I confirmed the order on Domino's site, it straight away took me to Rakuten website where I could choose to use the points and confirm the payment These services are integrated seamlessly. I chose all the points I had, only ¥84 worth points (I hardly use this credit card; it is only for contingency), and after confirming everything there, it took me back to Domino's website, where it showed the order as confirmed. I could track the status of the order from there, even to the point whether they are making the topping or baking it etc. 

We had our evening tea while watching Merlin and at around 7:15pm, the doorbell rang. Guess who? It was the pizza boy. At first I thought the pizza was a bit smaller than I expected. Isn't that always the case? He asked me for the coupon as well. Good thing I didn't throw it away. He tore the coupon from the brochure and went away. There are two coupons remaining as there originally were 3 coupons, but all with the same discount  code.

The pizza was fine. It was cut into 8 pieces. There were 4 types of toppings, each having two pieces. I ate 5 and my wife ate 3. Sorry I couldn't take a photo of it because we were hungry and couldn't wait to take photos. :D

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