Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[Gaming] GTA V game play video is amazing!

Few posts back I mentioned that I'm fixed to only two game series, Crysis and Battlefield. Yesterday Shameez posted a video about upcoming Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V for short) on Facebook and that possibly changed my decision. But there is one caveat. GTA V is, at least initially, only coming to the consoles. However, after watching that video, I felt buying a console just to play this game is justifiable (well, maybe not). But I bet it will eventually come to the desktop. The video only shows it is coming for the Xbox 360 and PS3. With the next generation consoles right around the corner, there is no way that they won't support them. If thy support them, there is no reason why they cannot do it for the PC because the next generation consoles are more like PCs than previous generation consoles.
Without too much ado, watch the video and see for yourself. This game is like a combination of every game out there. It's got everything. Shooting, fighting, driving, flying, diving, hunting, shopping, working, eating, talking, making friends, living, loving - everything is in it. Just pure win.
Grand Theft Auto 5 - Official Gameplay GTA V Video
I will definitely buy this game. I didn't GTA IV, maybe because it is too time consuming and was buggy at launch. I played GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas though. Hoping to play GTA V when it comes out to PC.

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