Thursday, April 18, 2013

Will Microsoft bring back the start menu in Windows Blue/8.1? Hope not!

They shouldn't and I don't think they will either. But they'll probably let you boot directly into the desktop, if you are on a PC. Instead of bringing back the Start Menu, they will try to make the Start Screen more usable and that's the way to go. Who knows, there definitely should be people who prefer the Metro interface even on the desktop. A PC should be without restrictions and they should not restrict people to Start Menu. People should have a choice. If you want restrictions, go buy an iPad or an iPhone or even a Mac.

We already know that Microsoft is adding smaller tiles and improving search in Windows Blue. That's how they are fixing the deficiencies that are present in the current design. There maybe other tweaks coming too. I certainly hope so. We really want to see what Microsoft has been doing during the past year.

How about adding folder support? Like what you get in iOS? That would allow most people to reduce the amount of scrolling required to find what they need. Not every app supports live tile view and some don't need that. There is no reason why you cannot group them in folders. But they will have to do something about tiles that have live views when grouped in folders. Maybe disable live tile view for those apps or do something innovative. I would prefer the latter.

Also it would be great if we could assign custom icons to apps on the Start Screen. This would be beneficial for legacy apps that ruin the looks and feel of the Start Screen. Quarter sized titles will fix this to a certain degree but most icons will still look out of place.

Latest leaked build shows that there is a new app launch animation coming. While I don't mind these stuff because it shows how fluid the UI is, I would also like to be able to disable animations completely - just like you can disable animations on the desktop.

A lot of cool stuff are coming and people only care about the Start Menu. Shows how much people don't like change.

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