Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crysis 3 crashing - GPU overclock to blame?

In the last few days I had been getting a lot of crashes while playing Crysis 3 and finally I felt I had to do something about it. All this time I was blaming the game for buggy code and NVidia for releasing sub par quality drivers.
But yesterday I tried out something new. I lowered the overclock on the GPU (Palit GTX670 Jetstream) from +70MHz boost to +65MHz. I played Crysis 3 for like 2hrs since then and didn't get a single crash! I know it is too soon to come to any conclusions but looks like,
  • either the GPU was not completely stable at +70MHz boost or
  • the newer drivers have lowered the overclock potential of the card or
  • it could be the new GOP supported firmware that I recently flashed the card to get Ultra Fast Booting with my motherboard on Windows 8 or
  • it could be that the room temperatures have risen in the last few weeks because it's no longer the winter season anymore or
  • It could have been purely coincidental!!!
I can live with a 5MHz drop in the GPU clocks. It won't even be noticeable in game play. It won't drop the fps by even 1fps. So as long as the game is stable, I cannot be happier. Heck, I won't lose my stats abruptly because the game crashed.
I will update this post if the game crashes again. It could either mean I have to lower the overclock further or something else is the culprit. Glad it is not the CPU because I had to work so hard to find the settings that would run the CPU @4.5GHz stably.

Yesterday, the game crashed while loading the game. It could be anything but I haven't had a single crash while playing the game in the last 4-5 hours. This could be it. I will give it a week to see how it works out.

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