Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There is no escape - I will have to buy a DSLR after all

Couple of months after arriving in Japan, I bought a Canon SX1-IS point and shoot camera because I didn't want a DSLR because I didn't like the idea of carrying multiple lenses with me all the time. Even though this was a point and shoot camera, it was not compact. it was bulky. I have to agree that it wasn't the smartest choice by me. I should have bought a small point and shoot camera or a bulky DSLR camera, but instead I went with something that didn't have the inherent advantages either category. (i.e. quality vs weight) I guess I was misled by the amount of zoom it provided. However, the picture quality wasn't what the reviews suggested. The photos were kind of washed out or over exposed.

Then I sold it for around half the price and bought a Canon S95. It was very small and that was the camera I should have bought in the first place. The picture quality is great and very pocketable (although I carry it in a pouch that it fix to my belt) as well. But the zoom is small so I cannot capture any close ups of far away objects.

But now my wife sees that I don't take great photos and she thinks that it is because of the camera. Everyone else has a DSLR and how can my point and shoot be a match for those heavy guns? But I know better. The biggest culprit is me. I am not a good photographer. It's not my thing. Nor is photo editing. I hate when my wife asks me to edit a photo to post on Facebook. Why cannot she just learn it and do it on her own? It's not as if she is working full time. Why does the man have to know everything but the woman can simply tag along for the ride?

I asked my wife if she will carry the DSLR and the lenses when we go out. She said no. She asks me why I cannot do that if everyone else can. (Typical women!) But everyone who has a DSLR doesn't want to carry the DSLR. They do it because they don't have any other choice. How would anyone in their right mind, let a woman that kind of responsibility - at least when it comes to gadgets? That's the truth.

But the decision is made. I have to buy a DSLR. This kind of the is best time to get one because of the devaluation of Japanese Yen. This is not the time to buy products made outside of Japan. The prices within the country have hardly changed. All the best consumer grade DSLRs are made in Japan. So you get the point, right?

Which model? That's the big question.

I'm not selling the S95. That will definitely stay and play the supporting role. Perhaps I will give it to my wife.


  1. Hahaha, I can see that a heated argument has took place :P
    BTW. Nikon D5200/D5100, Nikon D3200, Canon 650D( Kiss X6 in Japan) are good entry level cameras.
    Anyways I thought your S95 pics looked great, specially the windmill album :/

    1. lol. i thought a married life without a heated argument once in a while is not like living it. :D

      probably i should master the S95 more. if i buy a DSLR, it would be the same thing again. the image quality of the photos will be great, but it would put out photos with crappy composition and lack of art. probably would be a waste of money. will see. i will give myself a couple of weeks to become a pro and see how things go. :D

    2. Try shooting in manual modes :D

    3. Yeah but why does is have to be that hard to capture a pic in 2013? Hehe


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