Monday, April 8, 2013

Tackling iOS Auto-Correct

I don’t have a problem with iOS’s auto correct when it comes to English – in fact I’ve gotten used to it so much that I can use it to assist in my typing instead of cursing every other second. I don’t even try to correct the misspellings for certain things that I know – from experience – that iOS would be able to automatically and properly correct eventually.

But when it comes to typing in Singlish – that is, typing in English Roman characters that sounds like Sinhalese – iOS’ auto correct feature gets completely confused. I have to virtually correct word after word manually. I use Singlish when writing SMS.

After the OS update, somehow my dictionary didn’t get synced to the phone from the backup. It had a lot of custom words that I had saved into the dictionary. Well, iOS adds words that I type and don’t correct into the dictionary so I didn’t actually do anything manually. Funny thing is though, some of the words that got saved the last time did not get saved this time.

I searched for a way to edit the custom dictionary, but I found an easier option. You can actually use the “keyboard shortcuts” feature of iOS.


Contrary to what the title says, you don’t necessarily have to add shortcuts. You can just add the words and those words will constitute your custom dictionary. Using keyboard shortcuts such as “ty” for “thank you” is purely optional.


I was wondering what it would look like if I added more and more shortcuts. Would it list one after the other on the same screen? That would look ridiculous right? Yes, but iOS developers aren’t stupid. They have done it properly. After you add like 4 words, it bundles them up in a submenu, like in the following screenshot.


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