Monday, April 22, 2013

Podcasts that I’m listening to these days

Few years ago, my main source of information was reading the articles (reviews mostly) posted on tech sites such as Anandtech, Tomshardware etc. but who read anymore right? Podcasts are my main source of information these days. Most of it is on Leo Laporte's Twit network.

When I moved to Japan, I started listening to lots of podcasts. About a dozen shows and I always ran out of shows to listen to. Podcasts were my radio. They played when I was cooking, browsing the  internet and even having a shower. Even when I went to sleep, I played Twit Live. The laptop was right next to me on the bed. Sometimes it was something I had already listened to. But that didn't stop me from listening to them. When I ran out of things to listen to, I watched YouTube videos on new  products especially TinyTimLogan's long reviews on coolers and cases. It's funny how I ran out of podcast listen to because I was a heavy gamer back then. Maybe because there wasn't two
of the most important podcasts out by then. Anandtech podcast and PocketNow podcast.

Things have changed a bit now. Now I cannot listen to them at home all the time. But I do that when I have to do things in the kitchen all by my own. (Things like doing the dishes, vacuuming the floor and making tea in the morning because my wife is lazy. Most current generation women as like that it seems.) In addition to that, following those Coursera courses took out part of that Podcast listening time.

So right now I'm listening to the following podcast. It still seems like a lot but I don't listen to every episode of all of them.

* not watched regularly

I download them from iTunes. That's the only thing I like about iTunes. Now that iOS has its own podcasts app, some of the podcasts get automatically downloaded to the phone without me needing to intervene. But for some reason, the podcasts on iTunes and podcasts on the phone don't sync properly. Sometimes, the podcasts that I have finished listening to, are synced back to the phone as a new episode. Duh!

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