Monday, April 8, 2013

Wi-Fi browsing and a small dinner beneath the Tokyo SkyTree

On the way back home from seeing the Tulips, we came through Oshiage station which adjoins Tokyo SkyTree. The Tokyo SkyTree is the worlds 2nd tallest tower and it was build only last year. We didn't get to the top of the tower because there wasn't enough time to see everything and it was almost night. But I was happy to see that there was free Wi-Fi connectivity offered by SoftBank. The free Wi-Fi service is a facility offered by SoftBank customers. There is a profile saved in the iPhone that automatically logs into the network called "0001softbank". You can connect to "0002softbank" access point as well. (There is a total of 5 networks supported by their service.)

I ran a speed test on their network and this is what I got. Browsing the Internet was comfortable with those speeds.

Oh and here's a snapshot of the Tokyo SkyTree from the 4th floor the entire building. It's just a freaking tower, not a masterpiece like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which is a hotel.

The base area below the tower is huge. There are many shops in all floors (1 to 4) and a large food court in 3rd floor. That's where we had dinner. We had Chahan (aka Chinese Fried Rice or チャーハン) but the plate was so small that I didn't feel like I had much of a dinner at all. And it cost me ¥1000! Food is outrageously expensive in Japan. If they knew how much we get served when we order a plate of rice in Sri Lanka, they'll probably faint. Japanese people don't seem to eat a lot at once, but they seem spread it out across the entire day. In the end they'll probably be eating the same amount as we do but generally Japanese people are thin and lean. Not sure if there is any scientific explanation to this. Probably they eat less than we do - especially the energy intake wise. You can hardly see someone with a large belly - it's commonplace in Sri Lanka though.

On the way out we had ice cream. That was the first time I had White Chocolate flavored ice cream. Pretty expensive though. You probably could have 10 ice creams for that price in Sri Lanka. Oh well, it's not as we go out every day. Gotta spend those bucks when you have to spend those bucks.

Anyways, we are planning to visit the SkyTree properly on a later date. I hear that there is going to be something called the SkyTree Village being opened next month or so. Wonder what that is but I hope it's worth the wait.

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