Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crysis 3 patch 1.3 released

Few days ago, Crytek released the patch version 1.3 for Crysis 3 with a lot of bug fixed in single player and multiplayer modes. While the improvements were necessary, they broke an essential part of multiplayer mode.

People were seeing a massive performance drop only in multiplayer mode. For example, I was playing with High settings because I wanted to get all the FPS I could so that it reduces input lag, and prior to this patch I was getting around 80 ~ 120FPS. But after the patch, the frame rate didn’t rise above 50FPS. Funny thing was, I was getting the same 50FPS in all Medum, High and Very High graphics settings. There were many posts on the forums and for some people the game had become completely unplayable. I can see how that would drive people insane, especially because every one who is playing the multiplayer has bought the game legitimately.

But Crytek released a small update the next day and it fixed the issue. Now I’m getting the same 80 ~ 120fps as before. Phew!

In case you are wondering what the improvements in version 1.3 are, click the following image.

Crysis 3 All-Platform Patch 1.3 Notes

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