Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RMAing Corsair SP2200 speakers in Japan

I finally tried RMAing my Corsair SP2200 speakers that have developed a crackling in the left speaker and got RMA approved from Corsair. Why I reached Corsair for RMA was because the shop that I bought the speakers from, called Clevery, did not respond to my emails. But few days later I found out that the shop had gone bankrupt. So convenient for them! I could not think of any other way, other than to reach out Corsair for support.
I actually applied for RMA twice and got approved both times.
First time when the RMA got approved, I had to ship it to Hong Kong (from Japan). I didn't go through with it because it would cost a lot of money to ship that large thing across the sea. I decided to give up on RMA and live with the defective product even though it was painfully frustrating.
This is the address I had to ship it to.

Please also mark the RMA number clearly on your package, and ship your RMA to the following address:

Corsair Inc. ATTN: RMA Department
Unit B &C , 13th Floor, Tai Sang Container and Godown Centre
2-10 Cheung Fai Road, Tsing Yi, NT
Hong Kong
+852 2756 8118

I was searching the internet for a way to fix this myself, and I came across an interesting forum post. One guy who had the same problem, was awarded a set of SP2500 speakers for an additional $50 because the SP2200 speakers were no longer manufactured. SP2500 speakers don't seem to have this crackling issue, and they are their premium speakers. Switching to them for an additional $50 was well worth it. The actual price difference was $150. I was wondering if I will be given that option if I RMA now. So I applied for RMA again. It got approved as well, and I had to send it to the same address as before, but they didn't say anything about SP2200s were not manufactured anymore. Sucks! But I decided to send the speakers anyways.

I was looking for the cheapest way to send them, and all of a sudden I remembered that there was a sticker on the box saying that it carried 2 years warranty and it was provided by a company called Links International. I wondered if I can do the RMA via these guys. Even if I had to hand carry it to them, it would not be a problem. So I checked the support page of their website and found a form to contact them. I am still not so confident with making calls in Japanese. But if they do not reply to me within this week, I will call them. Anyways, on their website, they said they can only provide support for products that carry THEIR warranty sticker. Corsair products carry their sticker. My Corsair RAM and PSU carry them.

Here is the warranty seal that I have on the speakers.
Anyways, I sent them a message and I am now hoping that they get to me so that I can RMA my broken speakers without spending half of its worth on shipping. I will update this post when there is news. So this is it for now. Wish me luck.


I got a response from Links International. They are saying that the manufacturer (Corsair) do not repair this or there isn’t anything around the same price range that it can be replaced with. So they are willing to refund me. =)






Edit: 2012/09/27

Couple of days ago, I sent them back the broken Corsair speakers for the refund. Sure I had to bear the cost of transport. It wasn’t cheap because of the bulkiness of the speakers. Cost me JPY1,160 for the whole thing.

Anyways, I got the full refund today. They even refunded the original cost for shipping. Didn’t expect that though. Pretty nice. The new Logicool speakers that I bought were cheaper than the Corsairs after all. XD

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