Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why can’t Movie Maker upload to YouTube in the background?

I wanted to upload few videos to YouTube which I edited in Movie Maker and happened to come across two incapabilities. Don’t developers at Microsoft ever come across there?

The incapabilities

YouTube would not remember your username and password once you re-launch the app. Why the heck is that? How hard is it for them to save the username and password? Why can’t it be bundled with your Windows Live ID like everywhere else?


Then, why cannot I edit a video while it is uploading a video to YouTube? Why cannot it happen in the background? Why cannot you simply upload few videos to YouTube at the same time? And the speed was only 350KBps? This is so insane.


Workaround for the first two

I had to save the edited videos to the disk and then upload them one by one to YouTube via the web. Even YouTube website doesn’t do parallel uploads. It’s OK if it was using the full bandwidth. Heck, I have 25MBps (that’s MBps, not Mbps) upload! It was only doing 350kBps. I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened up YouTube in multiple tabs and then I could upload few in parallel. Then the upload speed went up to 1.5MBps. Better than nothing.


They should have fixed the first two issues already. They are not new issues. They have been there in the previous versions as well. They take a whole year to release this versions and they cannot add anything that works? I bet neither of they use the video upload features. :/

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