Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From crackling Corsair SP2200 speakers to Logitech (Logicool) Z623 speakers.

In a previous post I was asking which speaker system to get since my old Corsair SP2200 speakers went kaput. After a lot of consideration, I decided to go ahead with Logitech (Logicool in Japan) Z623 speakers.

The decision was mostly based on the warranty support. The last time I dealt with them, it went as smooth as it can get. I broke my G500 mouse and they sent me a replacement even without checking the broken mouse or asking me to send the mouse back to them first. (Of course I had to send them the broken mouse, but shipping was on their account.)

These speakers carry 2 years of warranty and I hope the support if these break down will be of the same quality. (Maybe they won’t break down at all.)logitech-speaker-system-z623That said, these speakers are not shabby at all.

Not cheap either, but about the same price I paid for the Corsair SP2200s. And they sound amazing compared to the flimsy Corsairs. Maybe I didn’t feel it back then because the speakers that it replaced were as crappy as they can get. These are bigger than the Corsair speakers, not just the subwoofer, but the satellites as well. 200W of power cannot ever be taken lightly. Right now I keep the volume output from the PC at 33% and volume controller on the speaker about the same. Otherwise this whole apartment building might shake up.

I was originally going to get a couple of bookshelf speakers, specifically the M-Audio AV40s. But I read many people saying that they broke soon after the 1 year warranty and the customer support was terrible. And then there was an updated revision which was weaker than the older revision. I could get either of them, however. And they were more expensive that the Logicool Z623 – about JPY3500 more. I did not want to spend over $150 on something that might break down in a year. At least now I have 2 years with these Z623s.

I am no audiophile, so I cannot review the audio quality of the speakers. All I know is that they sound much better than the Corsair SP2200 speakers that these replace. Also, many people were reporting that you get a crackling sound when you turn the volume knob (but unlike they Corsairs, it do not keep crackling after you stop turning the volume controller.), but I do not get it with mine. Even the ones that I tested at Yodobashi gave the crackling noise when I turned the volume knob. Maybe it will develop gradually on mine as well. Hope not!

One worrying thing is that these speakers are rated at 100V AC. In the product information section on Amazon’s product page, they had listed it supporting 100-240V. Maybe they made a mistake. (I think Logicool updates that page.) Maybe there is another version. I sent them a message about this. I don’t really wanna replace these speakers.

Heck, for all I know, these might break even before I go back to SL. Should live the life in the present, not in the future.

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