Monday, September 10, 2012

How to remove the unwanted stuff in your hard drive automatically

CCleaner is a cool tool. It can remove a lot of unwanted junk from your hard drive on demand. You can choose what to remove of course.

Following is what I have chosen.

Windows settings


Application settings


You can also include specific folder to clean. For example, if you want to clean your temporary folder, you can specify it in the following page.


Now, you can clean it all on demand, or you can schedule it to do it at a specific time. You have to use the Windows Task Scheduler for that.

Note: Remember this app has other features as well.

This is how it works.

First you have to select what you want to clean, then close the program. Then you have to use the command line switch “/AUTO” when you run it. What that command line switch does is, it will run the CCleaner app in the background without opening the usual window and clean according to the options you selected last.

Download and install

Download CCleaner from here (it’s a link to FileHippo’s repository; get the latest one) and install.

Launch Task Scheduler

First you have launch Task Scheduler from the Start Menu or Start Screen. (In Windows 8, you have to select “Settings” first.)

How to create the task

Follow the screen below.

1. Create Basic Task.


2. Name the task.


3. Choose how you would want to set the frequency of occurrence.


4. Set the actual frequency it should run.


5. Select “Start a program”.


6. Browse to where you installed CCleaner and don’t forget to put the Argument “/AUTO” like in the screen below. Also remember, you have to choose the CCleaner.exe, not the CCleaner64.exe (if you have that as well.)


7. Press Finish button to complete the wizard.


You can run the Clean Junk task you just created to see if it works. If not, you have made some mistake somewhere in the above tests. To see if it really worked, add some files to a folder and include it in the “include list”. The files will be deleted, it the task runs successfully.


Note: It will automatically skip the files that cannot be deleted – such as files that are currently being used by an app.

Now CCleaner will take care of your junk cleaning automatically. You can change any setting in CCleaner and those new settings will be the settings it will use next in its automated cleaning routine.

Happy junk free life to you.

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