Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Google Nexus 7 finally available for purchase in Japan

Finally, Google Nexus 7 is available in Japan. Only the 16GB one though. Not the cheap 8GB model. But that's good. Because the 8GB model does not have enough space for a tablet.

It is priced at JPY19,980. (it is $249.99 in USA if I am not mistaken.) You also get a JPY2,000 worth of Google Play Store credits.

The method of payment is via Google Wallet. You have to add your credit card into your Google Wallet for it to work. It is pretty much the same as using PayPal. Let's just say this is Google's PayPal equivalent. They say it will take 3-5 days for it to arrive at the doorstep. I miss one day shipping service of Amazon. I wonder if Amazon are selling it as well. Maybe not. (Well, they are and it is way more expensive.) They have their own Tablet and ironically it is not available in their store. :/

Google Nexus 7 Tablet
Buy Nexus 7 from Google Play Store

(You can click the above banner to buy it from here.)
But the grand question is, should I buy one?
Maybe not. I always wanted a Microsoft Windows 8 tablet. Specifically the Surface Pro tablet. With it I would be able to do everything that I do on the PC, except for gaming of course.

But from what I can see, it is going to be very expensive and it won't be here till January next year. Maybe I should buy the Nexus 7 after all. But it would be more beneficial to me if I bought a PhAblet and sold the iPhone 4S. Galaxy Note II anyone? The rumor is that even the next generation Google Nexus Phone might be having 5" of awesomeness.

BTW, read some reviews and decide for yourself if you want to buy this. After all, it is less than half the price of a 16GB iPad (3) Wi-Fi model.

Here's one: Nexus 7 Review from

And this:


  1. I didn't buy the Nexus simply because I didn't want another device except for my main computer which is bragging that it can do everything. I like my table to be a secondary device which can be used for reading, some browsing and media. For that, the kindle is perfect. The UI isn't cluttered and oh my god, sounds are awesome. Apparently the screen is better too. And I get more storage for the same price as the 8GB one. A deal that suits me...


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