Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nitrous JavaScript engine for all apps–Jailbreak tweak

None of the 3rd party browsers on the iPhone are as snappy as Mobile Safari, because Apple is keeping the 3rd party browsers from using their in-house built vastly superior Nitro JavaScript Engine. Google recently released Chrome for iOS but it wasn’t as snappy as the desktop counterpart due to this reason. Mobile Safari was miles ahead of Chrome browser when it came to JavaScript performance.

But now there is a tweak to get Nitro JavaScript Engine working on 3rd party apps as well. Of course, you have to Jailbreak your iDevice first. It is called Nitrous and is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo at $0.99
The first builds let us choose the apps you want to enable the tweak for individually. There were problems with that implementation. Now the developer simply enables it for all or disables it for all (excluding Safari I hope).

IMG_0787. IMG_0788

The difference is very noticeable. I checked the performance in SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark 0.91.

Google Chrome (Stock) – 9139ms

Google Chrome (Nitro Engine) – 2249ms

Safari (Stock) – 2210ms

On a side note, the JavaScript performance of the desktop browsers are miles ahead. It must be due to the CPU performance difference, more than anything else.

Google Chrome (22.0.1229.79 m) –106.9ms

Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8 Pro) – 77.5ms

IE10 is actually more than 30% faster that latest stable Chrome build. If only it was customizable like the rest of the browsers out there.

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