Saturday, August 3, 2013

[Article] Finally got my tablet back

After a whole week, I finally got back my Dell Latitude 10 Essentials tablet which had a broken touch screen. I was hoping that they would replace the whole thing, but instead they had only replaced the screen. Well, at least it is working fine now. 

Yesterday I got a call from a call girl telling me that the tablet was repaired and I should receive it today or tomorrow. I answerede the call in English and she kinda got intimidated by it. Haha! 

Sagawa seems to be their official courier service. I thought it would take quite a lot of time, but they had delivered it in the morning when I was not at home. My wife was at home and she had received it. They originally said that it would take 7 to 10 days for the whole repair/replacement thing. They were a day earlier than their estimate. Not bad at all. 

Thought I should be a little happy as it didn't cost me anything. Just dissatisfaction about the tablet. And I'm not more concerned about the quality of the tablet. I'm sure these issues are there even on Apple tablets. What if I bought this from overseas? I would have been completely screwed.

So tablet seems fine. The audio problem is not fixed, because it is a design flow. I still advice you not to get this tablet if you are hoping to watch movies on it, especially when there is a lot of noise around.

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