Friday, August 2, 2013

[Article] Finally managed to fix the broken System Recovery functionality of my Dell Latitude 10 Essentials tablet

Remember I said that I managed to install  a fresh copy of Windows 8 on my broken tablet? Well, I simply reinstalled Dell Backup and Recovery software which I downloaded from Dell, and checked if for some unexplainable reason , the Recovery was working again. To my utmost surprise, it did. 

Luckily, it didn't make the screen work again. So there definitely is a hardware defect. I hope they will replace the tablet I stead of putting in a new screen. 

I still haven't tried making a recovery media. It should work, but I don't wanna waste my 16GB Flash Drive for something that I might not need. Should I get a cheap new 16GB flash drive for this?

One thing I got to understand with all this is that you need more than a single USB port on the tablet. How the heck does the iPad get by with none? Maybe I should buy a cheap USB port hub for the tablet. 

There isn't anything else to tell though. I'm just glad that I managed to get rid of the traces of Windows 8.1 Preview from the tablet. (Hope they don't see this on twitter hehe). Now when can I send it to them? It's been 5 days already. They didn't send me an email yesterday. Assclowns!

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