Monday, August 5, 2013

[Article] Finally bought a proper screw driver

I've been building PCs for a long time but I never had a proper screw driver to work with. The ones I had back at home didn't easily grip so turned those right screws was a tiresome chore. When I came to Japan, I bought one of those cheap screwdrivers where you can magnetically plug in different tips that fit each screw head. There was better grip but it wasn't a proper grip.

Grip is actually not the biggest issue. The biggest issue was that the tip of the screwdriver were not magnetic. I've dropped so many screws inside the case and the only way I could get them out was to lift the case up and shake it vigorously so that the screws fall on the floor. That was not an easy thing to do because with all the components installed inside the case, it weighs a ton.
Then I bought the Thermalright SilverArrow SB-E Extreme cooler and installing it was a nightmare with this screwdriver. I literally lost a screw and I haven't found it yet. I felt that it dropped on the floor when I shook the case but I couldn't find it anywhere. (Bermuda Triangle anyone?) I hope it is not stuck somewhere inside the case waiting for that right moment to short circuit everything and make my life a living hell. This screwdriver is a short and fat one. I had hard time tightening the cooler to the bracket. I had to push the two towers apart by force to sneak in the screwdriver in between them. Then I had to turn the darn thing. That was a horrible experience.
So I knew that I had to buy a proper screwdriver soon. Life isn't long enough to worry about these simple things. So that's what I did. I didn't get like the best thing ever. I simply bought one from the discount store in front of the apartment. Cost me ¥299, if I recall correctly. Not cheap but not overly expensive.
So how does it stack up? It's brilliant. It fixed all those issues that I had before. I can grip it easily. The tip is magnetized. It's long enough to easily install the cooler. Last time it took me about 15 minutes and a lot of sweating to screw up the cooler to the bracket but this time (installing the cooler on the 4770K) it didn't even take a minute. Cannot believe how hard of a life I had been living all this time without the proper tool.
One last word. I don't think those multipurpose screwdrivers where you can change the tip are good for these jobs. You need a stable and rigid tool. Yes I know that it is space inefficient. But what good is being space efficient, if you cannot get the work done, right?

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