Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Article] Managed to get the humble bundle with my new credit card - 2013 August

I lost my credit card last week. Don't ask for more details on it. Just keep that in mind. Soon after that happened, the HumbleBundle came with an awesome offer (for charity) where you can get half a dozen games for any price that you want. Any price means, even $1 is OK. But there are two games, namely Battlefield 3 and Sims 3 which requires you to up your offer more than the average offer at the time of purchase. So, the average would keep on rising slowly.

Here's the list of games you can get
  • Dead Space™
  • Burnout™ Paradise: The Ultimate Box
  • Crysis® 2 Maximum Edition
  • Mirror's Edge™
  • Dead Space™ 3
  • Medal of Honor™
  • Battlefield 3™ (*)
  • The Sims™ 3 + Starter Pack (*)
*  Pay more than the current average offer price to get these two games.

I don't know when this offer will end. But if you want to get them, do hurry. I got mine today as I got my new credit card last night. I forgot to check if the offer was still available last night. But when I saw that it was still there in the morning, right before I had to leave for work, I ordered the games. I had Crysis 2 (not the Maximum Edition which is offered here) and BF3.

First you need to sign up for HumbleBundle. Just use your email and a password. The activation URL would be sent to your email. Once you click the link and activate your account, you can buy the game. I used the direct credit card method because I need to re-register my credit card on PayPal. Otherwise PayPal is the safer option I guess. There were couple of more methods, but I don't use those services.

As soon as I purchased the bundle (I paid $4.82 iirc), I got an email with a link in it, which when you click would take you to the website where the redeem codes are revealed. You can either use Origin or Steam. Some games are available only on one service though. I used Origin because I don't really like Steam. Use whatever you like the most.

Here's my legit games list after adding all but Sims 3 to Origin. Sims 3 needs a slightly different way to get the code, and I didn't have time to try it in the morning. I will try it tonight.

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