Saturday, June 21, 2014

Titanfall is free to play for 48 hours!


Yes, it’s a huge game. Said 50GB in the download page, but people say it is actually 23GB or so. But of course I downloaded it. It’s not as if I have any bandwidth issues with my internet connection.

You can get it from here. After the 48hrs expire, you can either buy the game to continue playing the game with the progress that you made so far, or simply stop it. I don’t know if you can buy it at a later day and continue from the point that you stopped though.

I got a massive download speed when I got it. The game was downloaded and installed within 40 minutes. That’s pretty quick for a game of this size. This is the fastest that I’ve managed to download a large game.


This is what the details page of the game shows after I’ve installed it.


There is also a special offer for the game where you can buy it at half price. Still, it connects to the Japanese Origin website where the original price of the game is pretty high. If only I could connect to a cheaper store…. Should try it tomorrow as it is quite late right now.


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