Friday, June 13, 2014

Devil's Canyon pre-orders are now available (2014-06-13)

Couple of days ago, many shops in Japan started taking pre-orders for the Devil's Canyon CPUs – the 4690K and the 4790K. From past experience, I already knew the prices won't be anywhere near the US prices. But I wanted to just check if I was wrong. Sadly, I wasn't.

The Core i7 4790K model, which is the only one that I really care about, is priced at JPY39,722. The above image shows the prices posted on Tsukumo's website. The prices are same across all shops. Of course, this is inclusive of the 8% consumption tax. But even if you take it away, the price of the CPU would come close to $360 which is $20 more than the US price. Still, it is not that bad, right? Well, the problem is, the 4770K model which is supposed to carry the same price tag as the 4790K, costs JPY3,000 less. So there is no second guessing that all these companies are trying to steal from the early adopters.

I, on the other hand, will not change my stance. I will buy the motherboard + CPU combo because that way I will be entitled to combo deals. Even though my PC downsizing project is standing still as I haven't managed to get rid of the case yet, I will probably get the 4790K + Z97 micro ATX board combo when they come out. There is already one, but that is with the memory as well.

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