Saturday, June 28, 2014

Decided to auction my Haswell CPU as well


Now that shops in Japan are selling the Core i7 4790K CPU aka the Devil's Canyon Core i7 variant, I decided to give a shot at selling my current CPU. Why? Because my CPU doesn't overclock well at a decent voltage. I cannot think of owning a CPU that doesn’t overclock at least past the clock speed that I could overclock the predecessor to. (I managed to overclock my old Sandybridge 2600K for 4.5GHz)

If there is any chance that I would be able to make my PC shrinking project a reality, I would want a CPU that doesn't heat up like a nuclear reactor. Besides, it is fun to play with a new CPU.

If I sell the CPU to a shop, the most I can make is JPY26,000 which is a little less than what I would want. So auctioning is the way to go.

I set the value of the starting bid at JPY28,000 - which is, I know, only JPY2,000 more than the price that the shops would take it at. But it's still higher than that price and if I am lucky, few people would bid for it and the price would go up a little. But from past experience I know that it probably will go down at the initially set price, especially because of the unenthusiastic crowd hanging around Rakuten Auction website.

I shared the link to the auction couple of times on twitter. Hopefully the news of it will spread. Two people have added it to their watch list but I really doubt they'll bid for it. They might be watching it because if I lower the starting bid, then they'll get notified about it. Bastards! Let's wait and see how things go. The auction ends tonight - at least the first round.

If anyone is interested in buying the CPU, here is the link to the auction. But only the people living in Japan can bid, of course.

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