Monday, June 16, 2014

Next Surface Pro might be the one to get


Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3 few weeks ago and it comes with some nice upgrades. The display has a higher resolution and the tablet body is thinner and lighter than the previous versions.

But is it enough? Not to me. I need it to be thinner and I want those fans out.

Good news is that it might not be that farther down the road. Intel announced the Broadwell Mobile CPUs - aka Core-M - which can run without active cooling. Holy cow!

I currently have the Asus Transformer Book T100 tablet but that's just darn slow for me. Sure it's running the latest BayTrail Atom CPU which is almost twice as faster as the CloverTrail which I also owned about a year ago but sold because I had a lot of issues with it. But it is still not good enough for me. I need a proper Core-I CPU with 4GB RAM and a proper SSD (not the crappy eMMC you find in these Atom based tablets). For that, you have to get the Surface Pro.

Then you might ask why not just buy an iPad Air. It fits the description, right? But I like the flexibility of Windows. You can transfer data using a USB stick. You can connect to the desktop PC that's running Windows without any hard work. To be honest, those are pretty much the only advantages of having a Windows tablet but those are very important to me.

So, next year will probably be my chance to buy a Surface tablet unless Microsoft goes bankrupt or discontinues Surface tablet production. A year is a long time but I will wait for a proper revision before buying a Surface Pro tablet.

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