Sunday, June 1, 2014

[Rant] Oops! It wasn't the mouse pads. It was the wireless adaptor

2014-06-01 21.00.05

I recently wrote two posts (this one and this one) mentioning that the Logitech G602 mouse had some issues with the mouse pads I owned. One from Razor called Sphex and the other from Steelseries called QCK. I tried switching to the bare wooden surface of the desk a couple of days ago but yesterday I found out that it also showed the same behavior with the mouse. The mouse pointer would skip and jump every now and then making it impossible to play Crysis 3 MP.

Then a thought struck me. Could it be a problem with the quality of signal reception? The mouse came with an extension cable for the USB receiver but I didn't use it because the mouse seemed to work just fine without it. Not to mention how much I disliked adding more cable clutter to the back of the desk.

But I had to give it a go as last resort.

And it seems that I nailed the culprit. It indeed was a reception problem.

So stupid of me for coming into false conclusions. I guess I should dig back one of the mouse pad then eh? I prefer the Sphex because it doesn't cause any resistance. Let's see if it definitely was a reception problem.

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