Monday, June 2, 2014

[Rant] Z87 boards are going to support Intel Devil's Canyon? Oh yeah!

Despite what Intel made us believe, Z87 chipset seems to support Devil's Canyon. At least on some boards. Couple of days ago, I checked the support page of my motherboard - the Asus ROG Maximus VI Hero - to see if there were any new driver updates available. I went into BIOS page, but didn't really expect to see any new versions out. But to my amazement, there was a new version - 1504 - which had a very interesting description under it.

But there was a little bit of confusion caused by the wording. It said "Devil's Canyon CPU" and not "CPUs". But we know there are at least two CPUs - the Core i5 4690K and the Core i7 4790K. So what is it? Does this bios only support the unlocked Pentium model? But as far as I know, it does not carry the code name "Devil's Canyon". This had been debated on OCN forums, until someone posted the actual CPU support list for the motherboard.

It clearly states that the Core i7 4790K is supported. But I didn't check whether the Core i5 model is supported as well, because I simply have no interest in it.

It is possible that DC will be supported on the premium boards based on the Z87 chipset. There could be subtle changes to the power delivery system of DC, which might not work properly on lower end boards.

But this is great news. Maybe I might forget about this PC downsizing thing and just get the 4790K CPU and be done with it for this year. I just hope I will be able to make some bucks selling the 4770K. I expect a lot of people to sell their 4770K for the 4790K. It would be difficult to sell my CPU. But I know for sure that some of the shops will take it in. The problem with it is that they expect us to sell them cheaply.

Today - 2nd of June - is supposed to be the day Devil's Canyon CPUs come out. I am looking forward to jaw dropping reviews. Hope Intel won't send the reviewers "special" CPUs this time around.

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