Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bought a couple of Silverstone F122 magnetic fan filters

When I bought the Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme cooler few days ago, I ordered a couple of Silverstone F122 magnetic fan filters to cover the two open vents I had in my case. The exhaust at the rear of the case (towards to top) and the intake on the side panel behind the motherboard to cool the hard drives.

I noticed that a lot of dust was trapped on those fan holes. Definitely they were going into the case. I was hoping to make a fan filter from one of wife's torn stockings but it didn't come out the way I liked. So I finally gave in and bought these. They cost me about ¥450 a piece. So, not cheap at all. But it's OK. These don't need replacing ever. 

They came with screws as well, but they simply stick to my case; both places in fact. It doesn't move or anything. Just firmly sits there. 

The following is just a demonstration. Since I don't actually have a fan on the side panel, I have mounted the filter from the inside of the case so it doesn't show to the outside.

When I took one off to take a photo for this post. I noticed that it already had some dust on it. Hence, they seem to be working just as promised. This is definitely not a regrettable purchase. Funny how seldom that happens. 

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