Thursday, June 27, 2013

Building a Corsair powered PC (Why isn't Corsair making Corsair branded PCs?)

Remember when Corsair was a company that was just selling RAM for PCs? In the last 3-4 years, they have really upped their game and now they are selling almost all the computer peripherals you would need to build your entire PC. The only things that they are not making yet are the CPU (not a chance), motherboard, HDD, video card (these three probably would not be made by them) and display (might happen someday!). They make everything else. It won't be too far from the day that they will make Corsair branded PCs, like Dell and HP.

But let's beat them to it, shall we? We'll make a very high-end PC with all the Corsair components, less the CPU, motherboard, HDD, video card and display. Sure, those 5 components comprise of pretty much 75% of the cost of the entire PC. But it's not Corsair's fault. 

Here's the Corsair item list.

Case: Carbide Air 540
This case comes with a unique design and is fully optimized for cooling your toasty components.

CPU cooler: H110 close loop liquid cooler
This is the only closed loop water cooler that doesn't compromise noise for cooling performance.

SSD: Neutron GTX 240GB or 480GB
The only SSD that comes with the enterprise grade LAMD 'Amber' LM87800 controller aimed at the regular consumer.

RAM: Vengeance Pro DDR3-2400 CL10 16GB
The new Vengeance Pro RAM gives high performance without sacrificing looks. Comes with many colors to match your own color scheme.

PSU: AX760i digital 80Plus Platinum PSU
The least expensive all digital power supply unit from Corsair. We are going with the least expensive one because we don't need a lot of power. If you intend to use multiple GPUs in your rig, go for 860i or even 1200i. For a single GPU, even a 760i it more than enough.

Keyboard: Vengeance K95 mechanical gaming keyboard
Corsair's highest-end mechanical keyboard. Shame that it doesn't come with an LCD like the G19.

Mouse: Vengeance M95 laser gaming mouse
Corsair's highest-end laser mouse that comes with lots of buttons.

Headset: Vengeance 2000 Dolby 7.1 surround wireless headset
Wireless headsets is the way to go when you are buying one for gaming. With 7.1 "virtual" surround, you can easily pinpoint where you enemy is coming from.

Corsair made two speakers for gamers. The SP2200, which was a failure, and the SP2500 which was not. SP2500 is up there amongst the best 2.1 PC speakers out there.

Case fans: fill every hole with a AF120/140 quiet edition fan
Corsair AF series fans are also amongst the best case fans out there.

The rest of the components are for you to decide really. But since these are all high-end components from Corsair, you should match them with high-end components as well. I'll recommend some for you. (I'm keeping the number of different brands to a minimum, hence I chose Asus because they make displays as well. Nothing against Gigabyte, MSI and the rest.)

Haswell Build
CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K
Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Hero
GPU: Asus GTX780 Direct CUII
Display: Asus PB278Q 1440P display
HDD: Seagate ST3000DM001 (x2)

SandyBridge-E Build
CPU: Intel Core i7 3930K
Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Formula
GPU: Asus GTX780 Direct CUII
Display: Asus PB278Q 1440P display
HDD: Seagate ST3000DM001 (x2)

I don't understand why Corsair doesn't make Corsair branded PCs yet. Maybe they don't see too many margins in that business?

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