Monday, June 3, 2013

Apple finally increases prices in Japan due to crappy exchange rates

The inevitable finally happened. Apple has finally increased the prices of Apple products, no thanks to the 25% drop in value of Japanese Yen. Previously the iPad Mini 16GB was ¥28,800 and the iPad 16GB was ¥42,800. Those are the only prices that I remember because rest of it doesn't matter anyway. 

What do you think the current prices are?    ¥32,800 for the iPad Mini 16GB and ¥49,800 for the iPad 16GB. Great! I didn't want their crap then, definitely not now. I'm sure the prices of MacBooks and iMacs have gone up as well. 

When I browsed from my home PC, the prices showed up in US$ even though I was correctly browsing the Japanese Appel Store. I double checked to see if I was browsing the US store by mistake. I was not. But when I checked it from a PC running the Japanese OS, I got the prices in Japanese Yen. I'm not sure if those prices got updates during that half a day period or if it indeed was because the PC was running a Japanese OS or locale was set to Japanese or the browser was Japanese. Doesn't matter, because I have no interest in Apple products. (Except the iPhone that is)

I only hope for one thing. iPhone prices not to go up. While I don't really like the iPhone that much, I don't have any other option. If Windows Phone was here, I would have bought one. (Not a low-end model though.) Sucks to be in Japan. 

If you want to grab an Apple product for cheaper than the prices imposed by Apple Store, hurry up and grab yours from (iPad Mini: ¥29,900, iPad: ¥46,800) before the prices don't go up. There is no time to lose. 

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