Monday, August 27, 2012

Windows 8 might boot fast, but it is damn slow to load the System Tray apps

I had been having this problem from the Release Preview days, but I thought Microsoft would fix it in the RTM. Windows would bootup fast and quickly go into the Metro environment, but the legacy system tray apps would load very slowly. Much much slowly compared to Windows 7. I even disabled few to make it quicker.

Apparently they haven’t fixed it in the RTM either. Maybe they are transferring the blame onto the app makers.

Biggest issue is, AutoHotKey would not start quickly. That is what I use for shortcut keys to launch apps because I do not wanna visit the start screen.

Note: Did you notice there are hardly any Metro apps present in my PC? LOL

There is also this:


Cannot really do anything because I want them all. This is the bare minimum of apps that I need Windows to launch at startup. I hope there will be app updates to fix these issues.


  1. For Crying out loud!. What the hell is that? It looks like Ama's shopping list.!


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