Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Disable the Metro nonsense

Forget the inefficiency of using Metro apps for a second. There are few other design issues on the Desktop. One of them is the moving the mouse to corners to pop-up certain things.

They are not only inefficient compared to menu items you would otherwise see on desktop apps, but also clash with the scrollbars and close buttons of full screen applications. That is a big design flaw IMO.
Since all those hidden “things” can be brought up by shortcut keys, (some might think that) it would be better to stick with the keyboard and remove the “things” from the UI. You can do that from the registry. (Yes, that dreaded registry is still there. Microsoft cannot think of a design without the registry.)
You can do it the hard way the easy way. Why should I even mention the hard way, when there is an easy way, right?
Download the following tool and do it with a click of a button.
BTW, the keyboard shortcuts for things you disabled are as follows.
Charms bar: Winkey + C
Switch apps: Winkey + Tab

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