Monday, August 13, 2012

Went to see Amazing Spiderman in 3D

The summer vacation is here but since Ama fell ill few days ago, we couldn't go on the trip to Mt. Fuji with the others. On Wednesday we are having a BBQ for Sameera’s farewell. Since the wife was getting OK, we thought of going to the movies tonight. We picked The Amazing Spiderman. Wanted to see it in 3D, all because Ama hadn't seen a full movie in 3D. Just the short stuff at amusement parks. I don't like 3D because my nose aches when I wear the specs.
Anyways, this was the first time I booked the tickets online on my own. When we checked the prices, they were at JPY2200 per head. Yes, it is pretty steep. (No wonder people pirate stuff, and they even tell us not to capture the movies or illegally download them before starting the movie.) Anyways, there was another option for the married couples. JPY1400 per head. Pretty good deal considering the other option. But I wasn't sure if that was what it actually meant. I mean, it's Japanese, for crying out loud. Translation always doesn’t work well with Japanese.
But I took the chance and bought two tickets. Paid with the credit card. They were not really e-tickets. I just got a receipt with a serial number. At the theatres, we were supposed to use the credit card, the serial number and the birthday to get the real ticket from the automated ticket machines. I was so sure that I would need someone’s assistance figuring out how the ticket machines worked.
Anyways, we arrived at the theatres about 15 minutes before the show started. We went straight to the ticket machines. I selected an option that made the most sense. It asked me to insert the credit card I used to buy the tickets with. First time I entered it upside down. When I entered the credit card the right way, again it came out. Before starting to panic out, I looked at the screen and it showed the details of the purchase I made at home. They were correct. There was the button to print out the tickets, and to tickets came out when I pressed the button. So, there you go. That’s how it works.
Then Ama had to go to the bathroom. There is one problem. Ama hates going to toilets that she has not been to, because she is afraid that she won’t figure out how to flush the toilet! It all started on the flight to Japan. It’s still unresolved. It’s not as if I can go in there and show how to do it. It’s the ladies toilet!!! Today, at the theatres, she had tried to flush the toilet first to see if she can get it to work, and failed. She came rushing and told me that she couldn’t go to the toilet. She had been to this building before; either this is a new system or she has forgotten how to do it. I believe it is all automated; but you have to actually use the toilet before you can flush it (or it gets automatically flushed). Funny though, the reason she always gives me is that she cannot read Japanese, but in this case it was also printed in English. Women!!!
Anyways…we had to go find another toilet. It was time to panic, because we had only like 8 minutes left before the show. (We even met my boss at work; he too had come to see the same movie. But I didn’t see his wife. Oh, well, it is not my business.) We finally found a toilet that worked for her, and we managed to get in before the movie started.
The movie was OK. I don’t understand why they had to make a whole new movie when there was a great trilogy. I liked the old Spidey better. Remakes never work. I guess some people were not happy that Parker kept everything a secret right from the beginning. He is not that secretive in this movie. Also, the 3D-ness is not that noticeable except for a few places. I guess, you cannot really bring out the 3D-ness unless it is an animation.
So that’s it. I wasn’t going to review the movie. Were you really expecting something like that from me? You should have checked IMDB, if it was why you came here.


  1. I suppose you need to get prior approval from "the wife" before posting this stuff on the internet.
    Anyways, I also have this issue of my eyes starting to bulge out of their sockets when I wear any glass. But it went off at the theater. :D

  2. No need to get her prior approval.
    All because she doesn't read this blog. XD


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