Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ninite: A faster way to install apps after reinstalling the OS

After reinstalling Windows, I usually download and install the latest versions of the software that I usually install. I only keep the installation files of the large software, such as Microsoft Office and Visual Studio in the hard drive. Everything else I download from the internet. This is one of the perks of having a darn good internet connection.
Up until now, I manually searched and downloaded the latest versions of the software, either from the official website or filehippo. But it takes time, not only to search and download the installation files, but also to install them one by one.
But you don’t have to worry about this any longer. There is a website called where they let you download a setup file which automatically download and install the latest versions of the apps that you select.
First you go to their website, that is, and select the apps (check the checkboxes) you want to install from each category. Once you are happy with what you have selected, click on the green button that says Get Installer at the bottom of the website. A setup file will be downloaded. Once you run the setup file, the automated installation will begin.
Ninite Screenshot
Everything happens in the background without requiring user intervention. It’s so simple and easy.
I have installed the apps shown on the screenshot above, and if you run it once again at a later time, it will automatically download any updates and install them for you silently. It will not re-download or reinstall the apps that are already installed if they are the latest versions.
In the above screenshot, it downloads Notepad++ because there was a newer version available.
Also here is a video that I just made.
Currently there are only a few apps on their website, but the most commonly used ones are already there. You can however suggest new apps for them, and you can opt to be notified when they are added to their supported list by entering your email.
That’s it. Enjoy reinstalling Windows. :D

Note: There is also support for Linux.


  1. If only I had an "Internet Connection" Sigh!

  2. You don't have an Internet connection? :O
    Or a proper Internet connection?

  3. Nobody here has a proper internet connection. The one at office is proper, but its limited to certain sites. so can't call it an "internet" connection.

  4. I hope SL will get close to 10% of what I get here in a couple of years. >_<


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